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Listening Teaching Demos for Intermediate Level Free Essay Example, 1750 words

Moreover, the exploratory nature of this particular exercise is unique due to the fact that many forms of education merely indicate that rote memorization should be engaged in order for the student to gain any degree of benefit. However, as has been noted with regards the lesson plan above, by allowing curiosity and the excitement of the unknown to help promote these determinacy’s, the students is in fact able to partially motivate themselves as a means of engaging with the subject matter at hand. Although structure within the classroom is ineffective tool that can be used to impact positively upon the degree and extent to which information is related to the student, the open form of structure that is provided within this particular lesson plan allows for an even further level of growth and student identification. Whereas it could naturally be provided that teacher is responsible for gathering the information from the students had been relating whether or not it is correct or incorrect, the process that has been engaged with regards to this particular lesson plan allows for the student to engage with the information amongst themselves, study it, and determine which approach is the most effective prior to coming to some form of a democratic agreement within their respective teams and representing this information to the front of the class. We will write a custom essay sample on Listening Teaching Demos for Intermediate Level or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Whereas it is important and effective to engage in different forms of activities that strengthen knowledge and understanding, the juxtaposition of the ability to engage in geographic understanding, cultural appreciation, historical significance, teambuilding, and the democratic process all-in-one time is a highly effective means of presenting any subject and is, at least within the mind of this educator, extraordinarily useful. From the information that is been read in the courses that had been participated in the past, it is obvious to this particular educator that one of the most effective means of engaging the student and encouraging them to remember a particular action is not with regards to sitting them down with a pencil and piece of paper and making them regurgitate the fact that they had been preached. Rather, a more effective approach is to allow them a degree of exploration and discussion amongst themselves with regards to the learning process thereby integrating a degree of self-involvement and appreciation that it necessarily represents. Although no single process is in and of itself perfect and without need of improvement, it is the understanding of this particular educator, after the reflection which is been engaged, that the approach provided is essentially one of the most effective in teaching cardinal points and an appreciation for history, culture, teambuilding, the democratic process, a nd understanding all of the same time.

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Identity Works Relevance For Understanding Contemporary Work

Identity Work’s relevance for understanding contemporary work and organising: - Shifting towards a modern organisational identity: - In order to understand identity work, we need to understand the changing role of organisational identity in contemporary organisation. Marx, Weber Durkheim observed a shift from agricultural and craftwork to factory and office based work (Barley Kunda, 2001). A shift from a more physical blue-collar labour to an office based white collar took place. Whilst computers and other technologies have eliminated different kinds of work, they have also created new ones and have transformed a significant portion of others, for example in IT industry (Barley 1988, Adler 1992). There are new struggles in the workplace ¬, such as new identity intensive issues such as feminisation of managerial roles, the shifting meaning of professionalism and internationalisation of business activity. The increased number of women occupying managerial and professional positions, traditionally taken by men, has changed the former taken-for-granted meaning of managerial identity (Alvesson Willmott, 2002). Tak ing all of these identity changes in account, Barley and Kunda suggest that the nature of work and organisation studies are interdependent (Barley Kunda 2001), therefore, contemporary organisational theorists are forced to adapt to the change in the nature of work. Defining and Conceptualising Identity Work: - Identity work is the process of forming,Show MoreRelatedANALIZ TEXT INTERPRETATION AND ANALYSIS28843 Words   |  116 PagesAny literary work is unique. It is created by the author in accordance with his vision and is permeated with his idea of the world. The reader’s interpretation is also highly individual and depends to a great extent on his knowledge and personal experience. That’s why one cannot lay down a fixed â€Å"model† for a piece of critical appreciation. Nevertheless, one can give information and suggestions that may prove helpful. PLOT The Elements of Plot When we refer to the plot of a work of fiction, thenRead More Transcending Herbert Marcuse on Alienation, Art and the Humanities4411 Words   |  18 Pageslearning to art, political education to human flourishing? Philosophers from Confucius and Aristotle to John Dewey and Paulo Freire have investigated, as the axial human problem, how education is to help us in accomplishing our own humanization. The contemporary search for a genuinely critical theory and an authentically democratic society continues that project. But what can make theory critical, education liberating, society democratic? It is necessary to theorize our society critically if we areRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 PagesISBN: 0−390−58539−4 Text: Effective Behavior in Organizations, Seventh Edition Cohen Harvard Business Review Finance Articles The Power of Management Capital Feigenbaum−Feigenbaum International Management, Sixth Edition Hodgetts−Luthans−Doh Contemporary Management, Fourth Edition Jones−George Driving Shareholder Value Morin−Jarrell Leadership, Fifth Edition Hughes−Ginnett−Curphy The Art of M A: Merger/Acquisitions/Buyout Guide, Third Edition Reed−Lajoux and others . . . This book was

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Their Common Enemy Essay Research Paper THEIR free essay sample

Their Common Enemy Essay, Research Paper THEIR COMMON ENEMY It is known that a figure of pupils dislike school. School is a large subject of conversation in every pupil? s life. Some pupils enjoy the work but most speak about how atrocious it is. Take a random group of pupils ; have an unfastened treatment on school work and you will happen that pupils will be holding with each other about how stressed they are. The pupils found a common enemy and it brought them closer because they could speak bad about school and hold with each other. Just like the pupils who bond when speaking about school assignment, Linda and Willy from Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, bond when they discuss money. ? Well it makes 70 dollars and some pennies, That? s really good ( 35 ) . ? Linda says this to Willy after she found out that his wage wasn? T as expected. We will write a custom essay sample on Their Common Enemy Essay Research Paper THEIR or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Whenever they talk about paying their mortgage they seem to compromise and hold a healthy conversation. Normally when they talk about other of import issues, they end up reasoning because Willy has a short pique. ? You shouldn? Ts have criticized him, Willy, particularly after he merely got off the train. You mustn? Ts lose your pique with him ( 15 ) . ? Willy has no shame because he will speak about anyone and non care. Talking about their mortgage helps them to remain together by holding with one another. Whenever the subject comes up, their tempers wholly change and even though they might non cognize it ; they act as if paying their mortgage is their favourite thing to discourse. ? WILLY: ? Well, that? s a great thing. To endure a 25 twelvemonth mortgage is. ? LINDA: ? It? s and accomplishment. ? ( 73 ) . ? When they are about done paying they are really happy and even Willy makes a remark ; but he stops himself from showing his true feelings. Why? Why does Willy forestall himself from bein g happy with the good things that he has in his life? He tries to populate a life that doesn? t exist and ends up agonising. He should merely bask what he already has and work with it. What ends up go oning is that Willy becomes his ain enemy so it? s non about the mortgage or money any longer. He is the enemy and Linda, Biff and Happy are the one? s that come together to assist Willy be content. ? LINDA: ? He? s deceasing Biff. ? Punch: ? Why is he deceasing? ? LINDA: ? He? s been seeking to kill himself. ? ( 58 ) ? Linda and Biff come together even more because of Willy seeking to perpetrate self-destruction. Willy is destructing himself because he is excessively much of a dreamer. Linda negotiations to Willy realistically and attempts to interrupt up his dreams. If Willy was to maintain waiting for the dreams he would travel insane. Linda knows this and explains to him that his dreams will neer come true. She cares excessively much about her childs, herself and Willy to allow him blow his life. Biff and Happy are invariably speaking to him and doing him experience of import. They try deflecting him from woolgathering. Linda, Biff and Happy all talk about, and agree with what to make to assist Willy. Willy is the common enemy that brings Linda, Biff and Happy together and to be trusty of each other, which in bend allows Willy? s autumn to be softer. Bing close makes Willy? s possible decease a little easier because they can back up each other instead than fault each other. This household is a authoritative instance of happening a common enemy and working with it to come together. The common enemy started out to be money, but that was a camouflage for the existent enemy # 8211 ; Willy. The pupil? s enemy being school could convey them together and potentially happen a manner to decide their common job. Linda, Biff and Happy bond with each other to assist Willy halt dreaming, and appreciate his life.

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3000 Essays - Zombies, Haitian Vodou, Horror Fiction, Mind Control

3000 It was the year 3000. The world was just coming out of another major war, World War Four. It has been a little over a year since the war ended. Things are recovering nicely. My older brother T.S. was recruited, he survived. We were happy to see him come home. School has just started back again, things have changed, the teachers seem to be very timid and quiet, they have hardly given us any homework. A lot of people I know have lost their families, I'm lucky to still have my family. None of my close friends were effected either, my friends and I are all well off, we could afford not to get hurt. This was are last year in school. We were to graduate in four months; then we would never have school again. The month before school ended, some talk about the Hitler of World War Four was afoot. See, what this man tried to do was take over the world with an army of ?zombies.? Actually they weren't really zombies, they were normal people, but with chips in their head. But, this man, Alexander, couldn't just get a lot of people to volunteer to be zombies, so he tried to take over a small country. The country was Kerblakistan. He actually did take quite a few prisoners, and he also had quite a few allies, they were Japan, Germany, and China, they were all promised the world. But, the rest of the world was against him, us being the most powerful. We completely destroyed Japan and Germany. This was no large war, the smallest of all the world wars. So, rumor has it that Alexander, who disappeared after the war, was back at the same old stuff again. He is said to have taken the soldiers from the war, to turn into his zombies. The government was not ready to deal with, or look into this, after this war. But, there has been speculation on what could happen. So, here we are at home, my friend Jay, and my brother T.S. and I. We had just heard on the news that Alexander has assembled an army and has just invaded the northwest coast. He has not killed many people, but only taken them prisoner. The army has had unsuccessful attempts to stop him, being worn from the war. Alexander's army was growing larger and larger, the zombies were not unstoppable but close to it. So, we all get in my car and head down to the army surplus store. Being an ex-soldier, my brother was entitled to buy any weapons he wanted, on top of the ones he already had. He bought us two guns apiece, and since Jay's parents were in space, he would be sticking with us. We bought some food rations and headed home, there was so much commotion, I'm glad we had an early start. We got to my brother's apartment, and turned on the news. We packed duffel bags with our weapons, food, clothing, and gas masks. We were preparing for something the world has never seen before. Then, we hopped in bed for a restless sleep. We awoke in the early morning to commotion outside. We saw no one, except for people walking aimlessly in the streets and police cars. It looks like the worst was happening, we locked the doors, ran downstairs, we notice there were no radio, or television communications. We boarded the windows and bolted the doors as best we could. Jay kept watch while we ate?and planned?for what would take place. After we had all eaten, we took a sheet of titanium from the attic, we all went down to the basement, with everything we needed and shut ourselves in with the titanium. We were down there for days, we just about went insane. The power was turning off and on for long periods of time. That was the worst. We were hearing things outside, horrible things, gunshots, screams all of it. We gathered our bravery, and began to cut a whole in the titanium. We got into the upper house, only to find it broken into. But, nothing was gone. So we felt endangered and decided to venture out.

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10 Tips for Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

10 Tips for Getting Rid of Fruit Flies Fruit flies are one of the most persistent kitchen pests. These tiny winged marauders procreate quickly and stick around long after youve tossed the fruits and veggies that first attracted them. If youre at your wits end with these nuisances, dont despair. Getting rid of them requires patience and smarts but these tips will help you eliminate any potential fruit fly breeding grounds in your home so youll be able to make them go away- and keep them from coming back. 1. Dispose of Any Rotting Fruits and Vegetables First things first: The minute you see even a few fruit flies, its time to purge your unrefrigerated produce. Anything thats beyond ripe, oozing liquid, or has been cut or broken open must go. Dont just throw things in the garbage or compost bin, either- unless your compost bin is outdoors and located a distance from your house. Bag everything up and take it outside to the trash. And be sure to clean up any residual mess left behind on countertops or in containers. 2. Scrub Your Recycling Cans Anything thats sweet or fermented or has a little moisture is a suitable habitat for fruit flies. Empty soda cans, wine bottles, and beer cans completely and rinse them out. After youve taken all bottles and cans out for pickup, give the bin a thorough scrubbing to remove any beer, wine, or juice residue. 3. Take Any Compost Scraps Outside If you compost kitchen scraps and find you have fruit flies buzzing about, its time to clean out the compost bin. Until you get the infestation under control, youll need to take produce scraps directly to your outdoor compost pile. Empty any indoor compost containers and give them a good scrubbing, too. 4. Replace Old Sponges, Mops, and Dishrags Did you know that fruit flies can breed on sour sponges, mops, and dishrags? If you havent changed your kitchen sponge or your mop refill recently, replace them. Throw any reusable dishrags in the wash and put disposable ones in a sealed bag. 5. Clean Your Dishes Immediately Dont wait until the end of the day to wash your dishes, especially if they have residue from things like jelly or wine. At the very least, give the dishes a good rinse to remove any food or beverage remnants. When you scrape leftovers into the garbage, be sure to take the trash outside promptly. If you have a dishwasher, rinse food particles from your dishes and run the load as soon as you can. 6. Check Potato and Onion Storage Bins Most people store potatoes, onions, and other root vegetables in a cool, dark bin or cupboard. If fruit flies persist, be sure to check these storage areas for old, rotting produce. Just one old potato is all it takes to keep a fruit fly population going. Dispose of any soft or mushy potatoes or onions, and give the bin a cleaning before putting in fresh ones. 7. Set Vinegar Traps in Problem Areas Sometimes the quickest way to eliminate a population of insect pests is to wipe out the reproductive adults. Fortunately, fruit flies arent all that smart. If something smells remotely like fermenting fruit, theyll dive right in. Place a few cider vinegar traps around problem areas in your home, and you can quickly get rid of large numbers of fruit flies. You can make a vinegar trap in just a few minutes with things you probably already have in your home. 8. Fix Slow Drains and Keep Plumbing Clean Fruit flies arent above living in the muck, and that includes the muck inside your plumbing. If you have any slow-moving drains in your house, there may be enough organic matter hanging out inside your pipes to support a breeding population of fruit flies. Tape some plastic wrap over suspect drains for a few days to check for fruit flies. If you see adults on the underside of the plastic, theyre breeding in your drain. Fix any drainage issues. Pour boiling water down problem drains to help loosen accumulated deposits. If accessible, you can also use a firm brush to scrub the inside of the pipe to free it of debris. 9. Give the Kitchen a Thorough Cleaning Youd be surprised where food bits can accumulate in a kitchen. If you have a particularly stubborn fruit fly infestation, it may take some elbow grease to eliminate all of their food sources. Check the lip of your kitchen sink. There could there be food bits underneath it. Clean the burner drip pans and lift the stovetop, if possible, to remove spilled food, and check under the refrigerator for sticky spots where juice may have spilled. 10. When Canning, Make Sure Jars are Sealed Securely Not everyone is into home canning but if you are, you should know that a fruit fly infestation can sometimes be traced to even one improperly sealed jar of fruit preserves. If you keep a supply of homemade jellies or sauces on hand, take some time to doublecheck that all the seals are closed tightly. As much as a fruitfly would take delight in supping on something youd inadvertently left open, you wouldnt want to dine on anything that came from an improperly sealed jar anyway, right?

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Depression Article Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Depression Review - Article Example This study wanted to provide the relationship between functional social support (FSS) and psychological capital (PC), with anxiety and stress symptoms among people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). The study says that it is very beneficial to employ PLWHA since through employment they get salary and wages that they use to improve the quality of their life, they become happier and they can go to hospital to be treated whenever they feel sick. For those who are not employed and are living with HIV/AIDS, they cannot have a quality life, they cannot be happy and they lack the money to use for treatment whenever they are sick. Even though benefits that are gained from the employment of PLWHA, there a lot of unemployment cases in the world. The main reason for this is psychological distress, mental, physical and other factors of social life and population (Liu et al., 326). When we talk of spiritual capital (PC), we just mean such things like efficacy, believing in a positive future and resilience that are beneficial in praising the performance of workers and congratulating them. We also considering whether or not they are getting satisfied at their place of work. In this article, the researcher conducted a cross-section survey in Liaoning Province which has a population of 43 million people between the month of December in the year 2010 and the month of April in the year 2011. In this sample, there were 360 persons living with HIV/AIDS and were fully employed, between 18 and 16 years of age. The two strategies that could help in gathering data were giving out questionnaires to the sample and the application of informed consent. After distributing out the questionnaire, 320 were fully filled, and they were analyzed and later results were released. In the process of conducting analysis, those concepts and methods that were used are Pearson’s correlation,

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How social media is changing advertising models Essay

How social media is changing advertising models - Essay Example Marketers currently use social media to catch up with the digital customers, letting go the traditional advertising models, and adopting the new ones that involve marketing online via the social media. It is evident that the digital migration, specifically the current use of social media does have a growing role in marketing that changes the advertising models, this in turn has implications on how channels, consumers, and companies perform. Unlike in the past, customers can now give their feedbacks about a certain product, feedback visible to other agents, these agents include the channel partners, the competitors, and even other companies. The main impacts on the advertising models include the fact that social media allows reviews about certain products (online reviews and ratings) impact different metrics. These metrics include the brand evaluations, consumer ratings, the company performance, consumer purchase conversion rates, and the organizations value. Many of the new advertising models adopted by many organizations include "customer feedbacks," in the past the customers did not have much freedom to give feedbacks about a certain product (Evans). Currently, social media for advertising the customers the freedom to rate a certain product that to some extent defines the major characteristics of a firm. The past advertising models focused on the four Ps, social media to some extent brings in another P, which stands for the "people," which is deeper, broader, and more profound than the consumer targeting is. Social media changes the way people interact among themselves, they play a major role as creators, advocated, critics, transmitters, and transformers of messages. Not long ago, the introduction of TVs in the industry changed the advertising models used in the past, but the introduction of the internet, social media, and the use of mobile phones made them even better. The online social environments, including the social